YES BOTS Deathmatch

 YES BOTS Rules and more
Server Location: Chicago IL
Timelimit: 10 minutes 

Fraglimit: 70
Map count: 187

We use a Country code on players, it will look something like this, [US] identifies the country they are connected from, the players without a country code are bots.
Max Players 20
Max bots 6 if server is empty.
Min bots 3 bots always on server


 2 Rules :
 1.) No Spawn Killing.
I do use a spawn protection plugin that allows the spawning player 3 second before he/she is able to take any damage.

 2.) Have Fun and enjoy the game. 

You can add the Hook/Grapple command by opening your console " ~ " in-game and typing
bind f +hook  and hit enter, now in game the "f " key will hook you where you point, example: if you point to the sky and hold the " f " key, you will then be pulled to that point. you can use to hook to walls and if you get lucky you can kill with it. You can use any key on the keyboard to bind  the hook, just make sure it's a key you are not using for something else.

Say commands
We use sank_sounds, meaning you can bind a key to say a sound like Good Game, example: bind g "say Good Game" now key g will type Good Game on screen and play the sound. you can request a list of sounds by going to the contact page.

If you do NOT want to hear the sounds type
 /soundsoff   in chat

Chat Mute
Are you annoyed with the chat spammers?
Mute them by typing  /chatmute  in chat.
Select the player/players you want to mute,
if you don't see the player select next page

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